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Pay my bills Manage my account Log out. Value-added Services. Travelling Overseas. Visiting Singapore. People have to invest a lot of amounts to get the latest model of any smart device even by selling the old one.

More customers suggest Starhub sells old phones to those who re-contract

Well, Starhub Trade in is here to offer you the great services so that you can purchase the latest model or version of your smart device by only exchanging your old one. You can bring any kind of smart device to get its latest model by paying very little amount. No matter your device is how much old, you will keep in the exchange of a new one. You can exchange your old smart device with any kind of another device. It is completely up to you that what you want to get. You even get a smart LED by exchanging your old smartphone.

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If you want any other used smart device on the exchange of your device, we will also facilitate you in this regard. We offer you a variety of all kind of smart devices. We will not focus on the condition of your smart device that means you can easily exchange your device even it is not in good condition. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. You may be doubtful about the product that you will get on the exchange of your old smart device.

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Well, there is no need to worry. Starhub Trade in will offer you complete warranted products. We offer you 3 months warranty of the product.

For 3 months, if there occurs any kind of issue, we will fix it without any cost. When compared to traditional handset subsidy plans, the Circles. Life plan looks cheaper. But what if we were to compare it to other SIM-only plans in the market? Life base plans. Do note that in all our comparisons below, the SIM only plans are not precisely an apples-to-apples comparison, since each telco will make an effort to differentiate their plans from one another. In order to account for this, we have tried as far as possible to provide the closest comparison between the plans.

However Circles. Life does not offer any contract plan. This is sold as a unique selling proposition for the company. While Circles. The three traditional telcos, Singtel, M1 and StarHub all have their own version of contract-free plans that customers can opt for. In addition, users who are okay with signing up for a month contract are also able to extract additional benefits from these other traditional telcos, something that Circles.

Life pride itself on not offering, even if customers are agreeable to it.

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The only unique proposition here is that Circles. Life or rather, its banking partners facilitate the option of allowing customers to pay for their iPhones over a month period, compared to other SIM only plans where you may still need to pay for the same amount upfront. If you have not done so, subscribe to our free e-newsletter to receive exclusive content not available anywhere else.

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