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My church began to stream services on Livestream. I had a very difficult time setting up an account and then getting it to work reliably.

11 Best football streaming apps for Android & iOS 2018

But once it started working, it was great - five stars. It was not easy to find my church among their channels but once I did I followed it. However I gave this app 3 stars because when I click on Live or Upcoming in the Following tab it comes up empty. I have to manually search for my church and then I can watch the live service.

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Live Football TV App & Scores

This means the app will be silent when you open it. Tap the audio icon in the lower right corner or dig deeper for full audio. Available on iPhone 6s and 6s Plus only. Allowing you to use standard video images.

They are now shown in chronological order, sorted by live, upcoming and archived. Open the menu to browse by category. Once done , a new icon will appear on your home screen for the app you have downloaded. Proceed to click on this icon and you are a few steps away from awe aspiring football experience. Once the application has launched, tap the search button and search for a specific game or just football. Alternatively, you can also search by your favorite team. Now select the game you want to watch and the stream should start automatically.

It is also noteworthy that data charges will apply while streaming over your network. However, if you are streaming over WIFI, the fun is unlimited.

A simple app is all you will need to prove your passion and love for the game. All you need to do is to find the schedule of the football live streaming. The advantage of this app is that it, unlike the other football apps, comes with beautiful graphics and animations. This is a simple app, however, it includes all the features of the streaming service. Now you can watch any football match in HD quality, no matter where you are. This streaming application will allow you to watch the following matches.

Here you will find some of the following games: Actually, this app provides live streaming of all kind of sports, not just football.

10 Best Free Sports Streaming App [Live Streaming ]

However, since we are talking about football streaming here, this app has a number of decent features that makes it stand out from others. You will get an access to more than 65 live channels. What is more, new channels are added regularly. Of course, the app highlights all the essential events from the sports world, for instance: So, in case you miss a match you can watch it later — it will be in the program. The quality of streams is always at the very top. Finally, the app has been approved by such authoritative sources as Forbes and BGR. Now all the sports channels from all over the world are on your smartphone.

The list of TV channels is unlimited and the number of sports videos is more than You can watch all the sports events live, with all the most famous leagues in football.

What is more, you can always find out the results of the previous matches, make stakes, read and make predictions about the future games. Support your favorite teams and players by creating a special list of favorite teams in the app. The last one app is quite simple. Once again, it contains not much, but still, you have the basics — you can stream football matches anywhere you want to.

All you have to do is to choose the channels and matches you want to watch. All the matches from all over the world are available now. You will find the full list in the app. Just like it is said in the title of the app — all the streaming is in HD. After you launch the app, it suggests you receiving notifications about all the important football matches that take place all around the world.

You can see several icons. You can choose which game you would like to see — cricket or football. If you choose cricket, the app will open a list of the available matches that you can watch.

As it is expected, the full list will not be lengthy. You can also watch wrestling and boxing.