Windows phone 8 twitter app

To enable this, folks have to navigate to the respective account, in the Windows Phone 8 app, tap on the three-dotted menu button and enable "turn on notifications". Finally, users can take advantage of a revamped lockscreen support which allows them to view "interesting tweets", highlighted on the homescreen. Twitter is available to download from Windows Phone Store.

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Twitter client is no longer working on Windows Phone

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Native Twitter app for Windows 8

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There is a lot of unused space, which easily could have been filled with larger buttons or menus. The Home and Connect pages are presented vertically, while the Discover and Me pages are horizontal. In Twitter for Windows 8 all pages can be controlled with scroll bars or via mouse wheel. The horizontal pages include a view more button to find new tweets or view image galleries.

Cowlick! Twitter app for Windows Phone

The layout is passable at best and feels better suited for touch controls, rather than a mouse and keyboard. A strange aspect of the interface is a lack of a log out button. This is because you can only authorize a single account with Twitter for Windows 8 at a time. Even if you revoke access to the app there's no option to switch to a different account.

You will need to completely deauthorization and reauthorize another account.

Twitter’s old UWP app stops working on Windows 10

It is very annoying to jump through hoops like this, especially if you want to use Twitter for Windows 8 for multiple accounts. This is because custom backgrounds will not appear in Twitter for Windows 8. Twitter for Windows 8 does have a few slow down and hiccups, mostly when trying to refresh many tweets after idling.

You can experience tweet limit errors when using Twitter for Windows 8.

Twitter for Windows 10

Twitter typically puts hourly and daily tweet limits of third party apps. This is strange as Twitter for Windows 8 is meant to be an official first-party app, yet is treated as a third party app. Twitter for Windows 8 has most of the standard functionality of other Twitter versions. There are currently multiple account issues and daily tweet limitations, but these will only affect the most dedicated Twitter users. For more casual users Twitter for Windows 8 is still a great app.

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What do you think about Twitter for Windows 10? Do you recommend it? View full description. CONS Mentions must have exact username to link to profiles Can encounter daily tweet limits Doesn't natively support multiple accounts. Instagram Popular photo-based social network. Skype Skype, the telephone of the 21st century. Messenger for Desktop An unofficial free Facebook desktop client. Download Twitter for Windows